Live Dealer Games

Golden Euro Casino Live GamesFor a lot of casino players, online casino games are great to play but they cannot compare with the thrill or excitement that comes with playing in a physical casino. There is a lot going on in an actual casino and the noise and sounds can add a higher level of intensity and drama to any trip to the casino. However, many people enjoy the social interaction element that comes with playing in a casino. The buzz of excitement being around a lot of people who are all looking to have a good time can be quite intoxicating for many people.

This is why there will be some casino fans who feel that the online casino option doesn’t match up to the real thing. The thing is though; online casinos have been changing and evolving rapidly in recent years. Any player that has been focused on thinking that online casino games lack interaction or intensity may find that they are badly out of touch with what is going on. Live dealer games are an integral part of modern online casino gaming and the Golden Euro Casino is at the forefront of these games.

These games feature a live casino dealer, which is brilliant for two big reasons. First of all, there is that element of human interaction. Even if you are sat at home by yourself, you can engage with the live dealer and you know that other players are involved with the action as well. Online casinos know who their market is, and what sort of players is most likely to be playing these online live dealer games.

This is why the majority of online casino sites employ attractive females to act as the live dealer. The live dealers employed by live casinos are highly skilled at their role and there is nothing to worry about on that respect. You receive the same high quality of dealership skills and services when you play online as you do in a physical casino. However, any player that would prefer to play in the company of a skilled and attractive female will find that online casino sites are pandering to their needs.

Feel more secure when playing with a live casino dealer

The other massive benefit that comes from playing with a live dealer is that here is a greater sense of trust and reliability by playing in this fashion. The fact that players can see the live feed of the dealer shuffling cards or setting up the game brings confidence. Online casino sites are regularly tested for the fairness and integrity of their games, so it is not as if people should be concerned about being ripped off. However, with human nature being what it is, people will be far more trusting when they can see a person act as opposed to waiting on a computer simulation to run. This style of casino game has been responsible for convincing a great number of new casino players to sign up for what is on offer at an online casino.

The big live dealer game available at the Golden Euro Casino is Live Casino Hold ‘Em. As the name of the game suggests, this game is a variation of Texas Hold’ Em, the popular poker game. This style of poker is the most popular form of poker in the modern era. This was not always the case but with the emergence of TV and online poker, this game has become the number one choice for poker players around the world.

The Golden Euro live game differs slightly in the fact that the game is played out against the live dealer, as opposed to being played out against other players. It is possible for many players to be engaged with this game at the same time, ideal for the online gaming environment.

Aim to beat the dealer

The aim of this game is to get a better hand than the dealer. This means that a player is looking to create the strongest five card hand from the five community cards and the two cards that have been dealt directly to them. The Golden Euro game provides additional benefits and features with the option of bonus bets. An example of a bonus bet is where a player places a wager that a pair of Aces or Higher will be dealt out within the first five cards.

The game is played out with a regular 52 card deck, Jokes are removed from the deck, and the cards are shuffled in between rounds. A player wishing to be involved with the game should place an Ante bet (which is the initial bet of the game) and with Golden Euro Casino, it is possible to place a bonus bet at this point.

Two cards are dealt face up to the player and then the dealer provides themselves with two cards that are facing downwards. After this, three cards are placed facing upwards in the middle of the table, these are the community cards. For a dealer to qualify they must hold at least a pair of 4’s and if the dealer doesn’t hold this, the player wins. The results in the Ante bet being paid out in accordance with what is recorded in the pay-out table.

A player will also win if the dealer holds a qualifying hand but it is a lower ranked hand than what the player holds. In this instance, the Ante bet is paid out in accordance with what is recorded in the pay-out table and the Call bet is also paid out. This is paid out a ratio of 1:1.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies and it is a stringer ranked hand than what the player holds, the player loses and the Ante bet and the Call bet is lost. If the player and dealer hold the exact same hand, it is referred to as a ‘Push’. When a ‘Push’ occurs, no one wins or loses and all bets are returned to the player.

If the player and dealer have the same type of hands, the winning hand is the one which has a higher value. As an example of a Q,J,10,9,8 flush would triumph over a 10,9,8,7,6 flush.

Learn the terminology

Some of the terminology involved with Live Casino Hold ‘Em is as follows:

  • Clear Bets – This means to remove all of the bets from the gaming table.
  • Call – This means to double the Ante bet (placing a Call bet)and then continue against the dealer.
  • Fold – This means the player forfeits their wages and the gaming round ends for them.
  • Max Bet – If you are keen to play the maximum bet for your current position, this button allows you to do it immediately. Always be sure to confirm the bet, as the site provides a fail-safe option in case players accidentally click on this option.
  • Rebet – This means to place the same bet as was played in the round before.
  • Confirm Bets – This means you are confirming you wish to place the bet that is listed on screen. If you don’t confirm your bet, you will not be in the round.

There is an expectation that the number of live dealer games on offer from Golden Euro will increase shortly. However, at the moment, the site is experiencing great success with their live dealer Casino Hold ‘Em game.